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Solar Hot Water Systems for Perth

For well over a hundred years, high-efficiency solar collectors have been used worldwide for the purpose of producing heat, with huge advances in technology over the last twenty years.

WA Assett Plumbing and Gas continues to seek out the best available solutions for solar water heating systems. Equipped to provide top quality installation services on everything from solar systems like the Apricus to traditional hot water systems and those produced by Rheem, Dux, and Reece. We ensure we work closely with each client to pinpoint the system that will best suit their needs and budget.

The affordable new Apricus solar water heater is Perth’s leading solar hot water system supplier and installer. With innovative seal technology, this hot water system comes in a full range which we offer to residential and commercial property owners. With plenty of reliable sun through much of the year in Perth, a solar hot water system can make a valuable addition to a Perth home. The primary factor of this system is the return on investment providing a worry-free experience thanks to free maintenance by Apricus themselves including parts and labour for up to 7 years.

As with roof-mounted solar powered hot water systems, it can be difficult for homeowners to assess just what the payoff will be. When you install an Apricus solar water heating system registered with either Clean Energy Regulator (CER) or Essential Services Commission (ESC), you may be eligible for a rebate. These financial incentives have been created to encourage the investment in renewable energy sources such as an Apricus solar hot water system. Using the rebate will also help offset upfront costs.


In Western Australia’s climate, taking advantage of the sun is a logical solution to reduce greenhouse emissions and increase energy efficiency in your home or business, especially where there is no natural gas or LPG gas available. WA Assett will help size and install your electric boosted solar hot water system and will help with solar hot water system repairs and maintenance if it is required.

Please inquire now to see how a solar hot water system can increase your home’s energy efficiency.



Price Includes

  • Disposal of old unit
  • Labour for straight swap install
  • Electrical labour for straight swap
  • PLB compliance
  • Includes gravel discharge pit

Optional Extras

  • Duo valve, cold relief or tempering valve if required
  • Any electrical upgrade